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TCU Special Events Application

Conference Services
TCU Box 298310
Fort Worth, TX 76129
PHONE: (817) 257-7641

Event Information

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*Please remember that you may only use University Computing Resources that you are authorized to use and you must use them in the manner and to the extent that you are authorized.

Please contact TCU Catering at 817-257-5239 or to make food and beverage arrangements. *Please remember that events in the Brown-Lupton University Union must use TCU Catering for all food and beverage needs.

NOTE: Before it is released to media, you must submit any publicity that uses TCU’s name for review. TCU is an equal opportunity institution and subscribes to all requirements of federal law which prohibit discrimination in any respect to students, employees, applicants, or University programs on the basis of sex, race, color, natural origin, age, religion, disability or veteran status. The applicant is expected to provide a certificate of insurance reflecting University requirements. In the event that this application is approved, TCU will submit a facilities agreement to the applicant. Any rights of the applicant to use of TCU facilities shall arise only upon acceptance of such agreement as evidenced by its signature on behalf of TCU and upon compliance by applicant with all terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Complete this section if your event will require a contract